last modified: 22/01/2021

Discover the public administrations to get SPID.

Find out which public administrations can help you get SPID by verifying your personal identity at their offices. After the verification you will receive by e-mail a file (called "activation package") that you can use online to complete the recognition and obtain SPID, choosing one of the following identity providers who have joined the new mode.

Consult the list of public offices authorized to issue SPID

Choose from the available identity providers

For the Public Administration

Become responsible for identity verification. By adhering to the public Registration Authority Officer (RAO) model, you can verify, free of charge, at your offices, the personal identity of citizens who want to equip themselves with SPID and facilitate them in the first phase of identification.

How to join

Follow the procedure indicated by AgID:
  • use the code made available by identity providers on GitHub;
  • fill in the request for the X.509 certificate required by AgID guidelines: send via PEC to with the object "SPID-Public RAO membership";
  • make available a page on your institutional website with useful information for the citizen;
  • provide AgID with the URL and the logo of the administration.
Consult the instructions necessary to enable the service and the indications for the relative technical support.
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