SPID, the Digital Identity Public System, is the solution that allows to access all the online services of the Public Administration with a single Digital Identity (username and password) that can be used from computers, tablets and smartphones.

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Healthcare service bookings, school enrolments, access to the public Wi-Fi network, business practices... with a single password


The SPID system ensures full protection of your personal data; no profiling is permitted; your privacy is guaranteed


With SPID you can quickly access the online services of the public administration wherever you are and from any device

Come diventare fornitore SPID [TOUPDATE]

Are you a public administration or an individual interested in becoming a service provider with SPID?
Sei un imprenditore? Scopri come accedere al cassetto digitale [TOUPDATE]

How to recognize SPID

Administrations that allow access to their online services through a unique digital identity expose the SPID access button.


allows access to online services through a user name and password chosen by the user


dedicated to services that require a higher degree of security, allows access through a user name and password chosen by the user, plus the generation of a temporary access code (one time password), usable through a device (ex. smartphone)


provides for the use of additional security solutions and physical devices (ex. smart cards) that are provided by the identity manager

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