What is SPID

Public Digital Identity System (SPID) is the simple, fast and secure access key to digital services of local and central administrations.

A pair of credentials (username and password) that represents the digital and personal identity of each citizen, with which he/she is recognized by the Public Administration to use digital services in a personalized and secure way. 

SPID also allows access to public services of the member states of the European Union and of companies or traders who have chosen it as an identification tool.
With the access system on which SPID is based, the Public Administration is even closer to citizens. By guaranteeing everyone access to online services, that is always the same and intuitive, SPID facilitates the use of online services and simplifies the relationship of citizens with public offices.
The private sector can also benefit from the digital identity, improving the user experience and management of customers' personal data.

What are you waiting for? With SPID you register once and don’t think about it anymore.