Administrative procedure

Once the technical procedure is completed, AgID will send to the administrative contact a confirmation email with a copy of the “Agreement for the adhesion of Public Administrations to the Public System for Digital Identities.

The Agreement must be returned, filled in all its parts and digitally signed by a legal representative of the Entity present in the Index of digital contacts of the Public Administration and Public Service Managers (IPA), by means of an institutional PEC present in IPA, at and for CC to, together with the “ODS” file for the communication of services ( /default/files/repository_files/spid-comunicazioneservizi_pa.ods), indicating in the subject of the emails only the following wording: “00030 - SPID membership agreement for public SP - <Company Name>“.

The agreement must be returned within 30 calendar days of receipt the aforementioned confirmation email.
The agreement will be returned countersigned by the General Manager of AgID as soon as possible.