Become a service provider

All administrations must make their online services accessible through SPID and Electronic Identity Card (Carta d’Identità Elettronica/CIE). Private entities can also enable access with digital identity. 

Below is the procedure for becoming a service provider:

  1. follow AgID technical rules to activate SPID and instructions to make user access recognizable to users. Carry out the necessary tests to implement the platform and identify a technical contact person for interactions with AgID;
  2. prepare and make available for AgID controls the metadata that will allow the identity providers prepare and make available for AgID controls the metadata that will allow identity providers (IDP) to configure access to services with SPID. After the checks, the service test and the signing of the agreement, AgID communicates the metadata to the managers;
  3. if the access with SPID to your services provides the second or third level of security, you must also implement the Italian eIDAS node that allows access to Italian public services for EU citizens;
  4. once the technical processes have been completed, after the positive feedback from AgID, you can sign the SPID agreement through an administrative contact person. Once the agreement is signed, AgID informs the operators and then the services will become accessible with SPID.

If you are a private individual, on the AgID website you can find the table that defines the rates applicable to private service providers for each billing period.

The main technical interventions required:

  • implementation of the SPID system, using the IT standard Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 SAML2, in its web applications;
  • delivery of a metadata for the configuration of its services to identity managers.

The reference figures necessary to conclude the adhesion process:

  • technical referent for all implementation activities of the SPID authentication system;
  • legal representative (or delegated person) for signing the agreement.

SPID activation requires a technical procedure, an administrative procedure and available technical support.