SPID for Italian citizens abroad

Italian citizens abroad can obtain the credentials of the Public Digital Identity System. SPID allows citizens and businesses to access online services of the Public Administration and private members using a unique digital identity.

An Italian citizen may need to acquire SPID to communicate with the Public Administration, access documents and practices, request certificates and declarations, check his own fiscal status and carry out many other operations.

To obtain a digital identity, Italian citizens abroad who are over 18 years old must meet the following requirements: 

  • a valid Italian identity document of your preference choosing between Identity Card, passport and driving license; 
  • a valid Italian fiscal code, health card or alternatively the certificate of attribution;     
  • an e-mail address;
  • a mobile phone number, including a foreign one. 

Applicants without a fiscal code can check on the website of the Revenue Agency the procedure to follow to obtain it. 

The issue of credentials is free of charge, except for some recognition methods that may be subject to a fee. In fact, obtaining SPID credentials (username and password) is subject to a process of user identification by an Identity Provider. Recognition can take place online, through registration with the National Service Card, Electronic Identity Card, audio-video and bank transfer, biometric passport, or through video call.

The request for SPID credentials is made by registering on the site of an IdP accredited by AgID. Each IdP offers different ways of requesting and obtaining the SPID and the user can freely choose the operator through which to complete the procedure in the most convenient way, by selecting a method of online recognition marked by the symbol EU or world  (and therefore available also outside Italy).

Recognition can also be carried out in person, by contacting the Registration Authority Officers (RAO) active at the consular offices. Look for the active office among the PAs to activate SPID.     

If your documents have expired, it will be first necessary to renew them by going to the relevant embassy or consulate, after booking your appointment and checking that the data used to register with AIRE has been updated.

All IdPs have forms of identification managed entirely online via webcam. Tim ID does not allow the registration of a non-Italian phone number (which will be required during the authentication phase).